Thursday, August 16, 2007


blackspot3, originally uploaded by Rymann.

My blackspot sneakers have definitely seen better days. They are currently "dry day only" shoes. This spring I discovered a crack in the left sole right over the ball of my foot. This after walking across a recently rained on parking lot (i.e. very wet sock).

I didn't think I'd had them that long or worn them that much. Both of which are probably incorrect. I contacted the manufacturer with my complaint. "Maybe its a design flaw" I groveled. "Probably not" was the reply. They recommended a "professional" repair. If that was unsuccessful, they'd replace them.

The cobbler looked over the shoe and with a grimace somewhat resembling a grin followed by a short inhale sucking sound. You know, when you tell someone, ssssss (sucking sound), this isn't likely going to work. Then, pointed me to an enormous $10 tube of shoe goo. I mean really, who needs that much shoe goo. Make a $2 tube and I can buy two for a big job.

So, now they're dry day shoes. The soles are definitely worn now. It may be time to move on.


juj said...

I'm so sad to hear about your sneakers. I keep considering a pair, but I've heard too many reports similar to yours. Very sad... guess I'll have to "blackspot" my old converse myself and make due with that.

hsing3kinder said...

I'd totally forgotten about shoe goo! Dh always had some for his airwalks.
Too funny.