Saturday, December 13, 2008


hermione, originally uploaded by Rymann.

This is my son's new kitten Hermione. We adopted her shortly after our other cat had died. She's extremely feisty, but hilarious.

I think I used up 3 microns filling in the black. But I liked the texture versus coloring the black in with a marker.

Friday, December 05, 2008


bookshelf, originally uploaded by Rymann.

This is our Ikea bookshelf. Probably one of the most expensive pieces of furniture we've invested in. Sad, I know. I collect books faster than I can read them. I kind of took over the lower 6 shelves with the more relevant books. Then I filled the upper 2 shelves on the left with MY art stuff. Then my wife walked in and wonder aloud whether there would be any room left for HER art supplies. Being as that was the major reason we had purchased the bookshelf.

Well, let's just say I stopped what I was doing, consolidated what I could of the supplies, and got out of the way.

I guess I thought the shelves were going to be bigger.