Monday, February 23, 2009


Well, a dream has been realized, I'm finally a part of one of the many moly exchanges. Well, maybe that's a little dramatic, but I am excited. I'm a part of the moly_x_60 exchange. No themes, necessarily, just a free-for-all sketchbook exchange with 5 other great artists. Check out all the other exchanges at flickr.

I just sent mine off to Boz and I'm getting ready to make my mark on Parita's. Stay tuned, check back often, and check in with the moly_x_60 blog. More cowbell.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Economic Stimulus

economic stimulus (by Rymann)

This is something I hadn't thought of doing until my wife suggested it. I found a nice board with a routed contour around the perimeter, painted it black, and mounted one of my excavator drawings to the front. I rubber stamped the numbers and added a clock kit from Michaels. Voila.

This is part of a lot which will include four framed and matted prints (dozer, loader, water truck, and roller) I'm donating to my son's school auction.

UPDATE: The school auction was last night. My clock and 4 framed prints sold for full price. Woohoo! I was a little concerned because they started bidding at about 30%.