Friday, July 08, 2005

100 things about me

This was a CMP prompt recently.

1. I'm a dad.
2. I'm a husband.
3. I'm a brother.
4. I break dance.
5. I'm an engineer (No, not on trains).
6. I believe you can never have too many books.
7. I recently discovered 'zines' and can't get enough.
8. I've always wanted to make a blank book, even bought the kit from Dick Blick.
9. I started drawing at a young age and quit somewhere between 6th and 9th grade.
10. I just started drawing again a year or two ago.
11. My wife is an artist, great resource, and support.
12. I watch 'The Office' every week.
13. Ben Stiller is my favorite comedian.
14. Jim Gaffigan is a close second (Hot..pockets).
15. I do the Jumble and Sudoku puzzles in the paper every morning.
16. I surf.
17. Sea Lions are much scarier when they're 20 feet away.
18. Seals are cute, even 20 feet away.
19. I rock climb, well not for several years, but I miss it.
20. I've complete three sprint triathlons.
21. Most people would say I'm sarcastic.
22. Those people know me well.
23. Others would say I'm cocky.
24. I think I'm just confident.
25. According to my neighbors I'm the biggest 'kid' on the block.
26. I still climb trees.
27. I have a fast metabolism.
28. Most women hate me for this.
29. I enjoy doing yoga.
30. I'm shy around people I don't know.
31. I can be obnoxious around people I know really well.
32. I've never smoked.
33. I've never drank alcohol.
34. I like rap and hip hop.
35. I grew up in a small coastal town.
36. I worked at the bumper cars for three summers and spring breaks
37. You can never have too many backpacks.
38. I love being a dad.
39. In our birthing class I said I looked forward to answering lots of questions.
40. Be careful what you wish for.
41. I have grown my own tomatoes.
42. I like helping my neighbors.
43. I used to be a "neat freak"
44. Then I got three cats.
45. Then I got four dogs.
46. Then I had two kids.
47. Now cleaning is a luxury.
48. So is sleep.
49. I've vetoed getting a ferret.
50. Same goes for the parrot.
51. I used to collect pocket knives.
52. My first computer was an Apple IIe.
53. My second computer was a mac LC.
54. Now I'm a PC man.
55. I used to skateboard.
56. My hair has only been one other color than its natural color
57. The most holes I've had in my ears at one time is 3.
58. I have a tattoo designed by my wife and me.
59. Getting tattoos REALLY hurts!
60. I play basketball.
61. In high school I ran the high hurdles and triple jumped.
62. Early mornings are the best.
63. Better with hot coffee.
64. I'm not addicted to coffee, I could quit whenever I wanted.
65. I just don't want to quit.
66. I played the trumpet through high school.
67. I got in trouble for leaving my room during a band trip.
68. I'm a great friend.
69. I was a first born.
70. Cargo pants are cool – lots of pockets.
71. I really like my cell phone (Nokia 6682).
72. I'm really not a techno geek.
73. I just bought some Simple brand shoes.
74. The last book I read was 'Brave New World' by Aldous Huxley.
75. I love the fall.
76. Summer is pretty good too, when it’s not too hot.
77. I've driven over 3,000 miles round trip 5 times.
78. I think everyone should see the Grand Canyon.
79. Everyone should swim in the ocean once.
80. Sharks aren't as prevalent as the "media" would have you believe.
81. I was captain of my high school basketball and football teams.
82. I was the top male academically (6th overall).
83. My mom really does know best.
84. It took me 20 years to figure that out.
85. I enjoy long bike rides. Especially with lots of hills.
86. I have a masters degree.
87. I lived in London for over two months.
88. I worked at subway during grad school.
89. I was a sandwich artist (my shirt said so).
90. I've been to China.
91. I've visited Ireland.
92. I've been to Scotland.
93. I've also been to whales.
94. I've ridden from Seattle to Portland in one day (STP, 200 miles)
95. I'm very competitive.
96. I watched 90210 religiously.
97. I now have one cat and 3 dogs.
98. None of my cats have been eaten by any of my dogs.
99. I like rain, just not too much.
100. I want to visit Amsterdam.


omly said...

There is so much on this list that I either had some sort of connection with or was just like "me too!" I will limit myself to jsut commenting on a few.

What sort of engineering?

My first computer was an Apple IIGS. Do you also sometimes find yourself missing the green on black font?

Can you recommend anything to see/do in China? I may be going this winter, but I have no idea what we will do their other than that we are starting in Guangdong province.

Ryan said...

I'm a geotechnical (soils) engineer.

I remember the GS, that was a step up from the IIe. I especially miss the dual 5.25-inch floppy drives.

I was in China over 15 years ago, during high school. It was an organized excursion with a track team. We spent half our time in Hong Kong. We did travel north, too. The only monument I really remember was the Sun Yat Zen (sp?) memorial. We did all the touristy stuff, shopping, bus tour, san-pan ride (that's the boat, right?). Sorry, nothing too specific.

Mrs. Chapman said...

Hi Ryan-- I just got a chance to read your list. You remind me a lot of my husband. The wild looking kid with a clean history :). ....Also the part where you said you're the biggest kid on the block! I enjoyed your list-- you're very well rounded... and it's totally cool that you're so much into being a dad!!! That's certainly something to be proud about. I also think it's cool that you listen to the CMP-- !!!!!
(SunnyNole on flickr)