Friday, May 11, 2007

New Sketch Book

new sketchbook


gas valve

Well, I've been taking drawing too seriously lately, which leads to fewer, more "serious" type drawings. So, I bought this $1 sketchbook with rough specked brown paper so I could loosen up a bit and use my white gel pen for some color and highlights. Let me know what you think.


omly said...

I love the texture of the new paper. It looks like a really fun surface to work on, plus the ability to use both ink and the white gel pen is really intriguing. Are you worried about archive-safety? Or is that not so importnt since this is more about letting you loosen your work?

Ryan said...

The texture is new to me, challenging really. The paper is so pourous, if I pause for a second the ink starts to bleed. The white gel pen is the whole reason I wanted the darker paper. I'd seen work Danny Gregory did with a white pencil on kraft paper, and HERE, HERE TOO, and some stuff on flickr by Shane Vorhaben where he used white pencil and gouche on darker paper. I liked both of these approaches.

I honestly never really thought about the ink being archive safe. Probably because of what you said - this book is more about quick, small, loose sketches than a permanent record, etc.

Mrs. Chapman said...

The book looks awesome-- it's hard to tell from the photo, but what size is it? I imagine it as a small pocket-size. Which sounds fun... I like the recycled-earth-friendly-look!

Ryan said...

I totally forgot to mention the size. It is pocket-sized, 4" by 5".

Prairiegal said...

I am a new comer to your blog and really enjoy your pen and ink drawings. I love what you're doing in the new sketchbook. I absolutely love it when I see artists capturing the most forgettable items and elevating them to an amazing level by getting them on paper. You gas main is great.

Ryan said...

Welcome prairiegal. And thank you for your kind words. I just checked out some of your recent drawings and have to say they are great. I really like the plug and camera drawings.