Friday, August 29, 2008

Moonlight Chronicles Online!

For those of you who haven't heard d.Price is now publishing weekly spreads of his current issue of the Moonlight Chronicles zine online. This will be an ongoing project starting with issue 66. For subscribers of MC this will give you the opportunity to view some of Dan's work in color. And don't worry you will still receive your bi-monthly (or thereabouts) delivery of the MC to carry around in your pocket for impulsive inspiration.

Go to and click on the button labeled "weekly spreads"!

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Alanna said...

thanks for the headsup about d. price's blogspot...

I noticed from reading dan's blog that you are from portland. Do you know about SketchCrawl? It's October 25 and I'm trying to get a group together to sketch around portland. you can check out and click on the link for 20th worldwide sketchcrawl and find the portland, or forum. So far it's just me and another gal who want to get together and sketch, but I think it is way more fun with a crowd.
Hope you can join us