Sunday, March 25, 2007

my gear

my gear, originally uploaded by Rymann.

I love photos of people's art gear. So, here's mine. Click the photo to check out the notes in Flickr.


Mrs. Chapman said...

Your gear is very manly... you can just tell by the color choices and your pen holders... LOL. No pink polkadot bags in your stash, eh!? I love the cheerio cardboard pen holder.... and looks like we favor the same brand of pen! :)))) Does your large stamp have a PINK handle? It looks pink in the photo... AND I love that you have everything in a tackle box type of thing... what is it specifically?

Ryan said...

As a matter of fact the handle of my stamp is pink. Pastel pink no less. I like the clear boxes as it makes it easier to find stuff. The tackle box is by 'ArtBin'. They have several styles. Check 'em out at