Monday, January 22, 2007

The Most Imporant Thing I've Learned...

after taking up drawing not too long ago is that artists are people, too. Yeah, I'm sure you all feel you knew that already. What I mean is that no matter how talented and/or famous an artist is I have never found one that will not provide unwarranted encouragement in regard my work.

I always put authors and artists on pedestals, as untouchables, something to be admired and revered. I assumed they were too good and talented to waste time with someone who had an interest (possibly fleeting) in drawing, sketching, painting, whatever. I was wrong.

Every time I come across someone whose art I find inspiring I let them know. Either a short email or letter just to say, "I'm a fan and really like what you do. Please keep doing it. It inspires me to keep trying different things and helps improve my work. Here's some of my stuff. What do you think?"

I'm always greeted as an equal, graciously thanked for the compliment, and given a ton of encouragement about what I've done. It is incredibly rewarding and satisfying to be a part of such a positive community.

Don't be afraid to support those whom you admire. Just because someone is more accomplished or talented doesn't mean they don't appreciate encouragement, too. And they will not hesitate to reciprocate. Try it sometime!


littlemithi said...

Hey Ryan, I'd just like to say that I've just discovered your blog and its been a pleasure to look through it ... keep sharing the work!

Ryan said...

Thanks littlemithi. You do some great drawings as well. I really like your drawing of the armatron and the screen print of the little girl and the ice cream.