Friday, November 11, 2005

Scanning and Posting

Can someone help me? I'm trying to figure out the best way to scan and post images to this blog. I draw strictly in black pen and ink. I usually scan by 8.5 x 5.5 sketch book pages at work in black and white at 300 dpi. Before posting them to my blog I reduce the image to 72 dpi while keeping the 8.5 x 5.5 dimensions. They look fine if you view the full image (by clicking on the image in the post) but they look a little odd as displayed in the post when they're reduces in size.

What do you think? Do the images look o.k. to you? How do you transfer images from sketch book to your blog? All suggestions are welcomed.


Ellen Shipley said...

Hi Ryan,

Your images may be overly reduced. I use 400 dpi with no problem. Try leaving them at 300 dpi if you're comfortable with that size. Blogger should scale them for you. Good luck. And congratulations on your new daughter!

Karen Winters said...

I scan at 300 dpi and use Photoshop's Save to Web ... feature to reduce them to 72dpi and the size that I want. They do not seem to be distort in that way.

Ryan said...

Thanks for the feedback. I never realized "Save for web..." changed the resolution. I always changed the resolution manually the executed "Save for web..." Not sure if this will make a difference, but I'll try it. Photos usually look fine, but the reduced sketches always look weird.

Should I scan my sketches in true color or b/w?

bdelpesco said...

Hi Ryan,
I use the same method Karen does, but I haven't posted black & white sketches yet. I'm happy with the color work I have up though, and I've seen your black and white stuff, and it looks wonderful. I'm on a mac ibook, and your drawings are sharp and detailed - no problem... great drawings!
Congrats on your new little family addition. Looking forward to seeing drawings of her.

Zeke said...

Congratulations on your new daughter!

I would scan either as a grayscale or a color. Some of the finer details of an ink sketch can be lost if you scan as a black and white. You can always adjust the contrast in Photoshop.

I like your sketches - very spontainous. I like pen and ink a lot myself.

Zeke said...
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Zeke said...
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Lisa said...

Hi Ryan,
I like your sketches a lot. The ceiling fan is something I've tried to draw a couple of times. It's not easy to get it looking like it's up above with all the angles of the fan blades, which you have done. Also I like the morning ritual with all its different components. The bowl with its cast shadow is very strong.
Congratulations on the birth of your new baby girl!

Linda said...

hey Ryan -- I also scan everything (pen, pencil, color) as if a color photograph at 300 dpi, save it as a standard jpg, and then let Blogger do the re-scaling. Or maybe it's Picassa that does the rescaling and then sends it to Blogger ... I don't know. Either way, Picassa makes it really easy to do, and I recommend it!

Teri C said...

Your sketches are great and you will really enjoy your life journal in the years to come.

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